Saturday, April 21, 2012

Propane Tank Watermelons

It's prime camper time and I have had this project on my mind ever since we bought our little Jayco Kiwi travel trailer a few months ago. The propane tanks were ugly. I saw a picture online of someones clever idea to paint their gigantic home propane tank to look like a giant watermelon. It was so cute, so I figured I could do it too!

First I started with cleaning off the old tanks with soap and water. Then I taped off the valves at the top. You DO NOT want to get them gunked up with paint.
I gave them a nice base color of dark green spray paint. I used RustOleum exterior enamel. No need for priming this way!

Then I dug around in the huge craft box that my mom gave me. It contains almost anything a person might need for crafting. I found 3 little jars of interior/exterior gloss enamel paint in just the right colors. Mom's craft box is magical like that! And there just happened to be a stippling paint brush.
The stripes were easy. I made a light green color with the white and dark green paints. This color was applied first in a tapping motion. Kind of like sponge painting. Actually an old sponge would have worked too. Then I finished it off with accents of bright yellow. I really like how they came out. Easy too.

Eventually I will get a pic of them on the camper!

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  1. How many coats of the base color did you use? Have you had any problems with the paint peeling or bubbling since the tanks are outside? Thanks!